How to sell your home and regain freedom after separation or divorce

How to sell your home and regain freedom after separation or divorce

How to sell your home and regain freedom after separation or divorce

Are you dreaming of the day you can move on with your life and not have any financial ties to your Ex? Is selling your home part of that plan, but your Ex isn’t cooperating?

I’m sure by now you’ve tried talking to them and they just won’t budge. Mediation was a waste of time and energy. Your solicitors don’t seem to be getting anywhere and the bills are starting to strain your finances.

Short of hiring a hitman (ha ha), maybe a different approach is required. A neutral third party that doesn’t know the history between the two of you. Someone who is focused on the future might just be the answer.

This might sound a bit crazy, but a real estate agent could just be the person for the job. How so you ask? Let me explain just 3 reasons why.


1. We deal with every type of personality

Narcissistic control freaks, those that never have a kind thing to say, and ones that just want to bury their head in the sand and pretend it’s all OK are just some of the personality types we deal with regularly. As a real estate agent, challenging personalities make our life interesting and although we don’t usually have formal qualifications in psychology it sometimes feels like a pre-requisite for the job. The more experienced agents have seen it all and dealt with people from all walks of life. There’s no attitude or excuse that will put us off.

2. We’re results focussed and a “win-win” is our win

A real estate agent loves nothing more than helping two or more parties negotiate to achieve an acceptable outcome. Negotiations are generally between the seller and buyer, but sometimes we need to facilitate negotiations between two sellers. Patience is required and we need to determine what the key motivator is for each party so we can talk their language. We can help facilitate little wins along the way for each of you and work towards the ultimate goal of selling your home and putting all the drama behind you.

3. No need to pay us unless the job is done

Real estate agents are not paid by the minute like your solicitor or even by the hour like your mediator. Our fee is performance based and we’re only paid when we successfully sell your home. There can, of course, be marketing fees for the property but these would be discussed up-front and agreed on so each party is aware of the costs before they are incurred. There is even the opportunity to sell your home with complete privacy and discretion, avoiding the nosy neighbours, friends or family in your personal life.

Selling your home at any time can be stressful. Selling your home with the added anxiety of a separation or divorce, an uncooperative ex-partner, mortgages and changes to living arrangements can make it totally overwhelming. Forced change is hard to accept and this is why resistance is met. A fresh approach and a fresh face can make the world of difference.

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