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Co-Founder and Director

Rebecca Fogarty Nest Estate Agents Toowoomba

One of the profession’s most outstanding performers, Rebecca has dedicated over 12 years to the property management industry. She has earned a reputation for out-of-the-box thinking and pure determination.

Rebecca’s expertise, reputation and systemised approach has captured intense customer loyalty over the years. Her wealth of industry knowledge, passion and experience is a key reason why she has managed a quality portfolio of properties here in Toowoomba.

Property management is people management – the house is easiest to manage!

Rebecca has worked within property management for more than 12 years, moving from property manager to team leader, into Senior Property Manager and finally her most recent role as Director of Property Management for Toowoomba City Realty.

Communication is the most effective form of management however managing tenancies can be difficult. Rebecca is willing to solve those delicate issues that can cause the most conflict during a tenancy, often being able to mediate and negotiate an outcome for all parties involved.

She is well known for innovative ideas and a willingness to learn more and improve her skills.

Rebecca has a strong commitment in this ever changing industry, believing in consistent improvement of services and building on the trust of valued clients. Trust in a property manager is key to the relationship; Rebecca offers transparent management with an individualised management plan catered to your needs.

Rebecca is a licensed Real Estate Agent and also has investment properties. Rebecca is married and has an adult son.


Co-Founder and Principal

Simone Files, Principal, Blackbird and Finch



Simone’s philosophy is that real estate is not about selling or buying, but about helping people move, and moving is something Simone knows well.

Growing up, Simone regularly moved with her family due to job transfers or her parents’ desire to sell and build a new home. Simone’s parents have moved a staggering 22 times in their 47 years of marriage. The gypsy blood remains with Simone, moving home as often as her understanding husband and three children permit.

The majority of people cringe at the thought of moving, but Simone truly loves it, buying her first house at the age of 21. At the tender age of 7, her eldest son Harrison had lived in seven houses, narrowly missing out on number eight; Simone and Craig moved three days before he was born. The moving bug didn’t abate with the birth of her youngest son Jack, and the family relocated eleven days before he entered the world. Mackenzie has fared much better than the boys and didn’t move home until she was eight months old.

Prior to moving to Toowoomba in 2004, Simone spent ten years working in the IT industry in Brisbane. During that time she upheld various roles including

Quality Officer, Production Manager, Project Manager and Consultant. Simone worked in private enterprise consulting to one of Australia’s largest law firms, the Queensland Government, and also lectured at Griffith University.

Simone has owned investment properties in Toowoomba and also has rented on several occasions while building. This means she has experienced all sides of real estate having been a landlord, tenant, buyer and seller.

Simone has over 10 years’ experience in real estate sales and property management in Toowoomba, is a licenced Real Estate Agent, and Toowoomba’s only Helper Agent®. She has worked closely with Rebecca for most of her 10 years in real estate and together over their mutual love of coffee, the concept of Blackbird and Finch was born in 2016. They are thrilled to bring the concept to life in 2017.

Simone prides herself on providing honest advice and professional service to achieve the desired result for her clients, assisting in facilitating the move to the next stage of their life.

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