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Toowoomba Regional Council held their special meeting recently to discuss many fees and charges. These new increases will mostly affect landlords and property owners but the water charges will affect tenants. The new water usage charges are: 1st tier – $3.09,  2nd Tier – $5.25.

Now is a great time to do a water audit on your rental property as leaking pipes and taps that go unreported can cost you money.

Our tips for saving water are:

Report all leaking taps and pipes promptly.

Landlords are obligated to repair leaking taps and pipes within a reasonable timeframe – this would generally be within 7-10 days for minor dripping taps and 24-48 hours for major leaking taps.

The difference between a minior and major would be the bucket test method.

If the dripping tap fills a bucket within a day or more, this would be a minor drip – on average 1 bucket Water costs $0.15.

If a bucket is filled in less time say every hour, this would mean a major leak.

Monitor your Meter

Every month check your meter and right down the number. Calculate the usage and check to see if you are using more water than normal. This will also give you an idea on what to expect when the water bill arrives Generally in April/May and September/October each year).

Your water meter is located at the front of your property underground with either a cement or plastic lid. For units, your meter is often near the mailboxes.

To test that the meter is yours. You can turn off the water and turn on a tap. If there is no water, then this is the correct meter.

Toowoomba Regional Council are installing smart meters – if you have a new smart meter, sign up for the app and monitor your water easily online!

You can also complete a water meter test:

    • Take water meter reading (both black and red numbers)
    • Do not use any water for 15 mins.
    • Take water meter reading (both black and red numbers) again
    • Do not use any water for another 15 mins.
    • Take water meter reading (both black and red numbers) as final

Time your water

Water saving timers are a great way to save water in showers. Many tenants actually use buckets to save the first shower water(when it’s cold) for use in the gardens. Using water timers in the garden is a great way to make sure no one forget to turn the taps off.

Simple daily habits like turning off the tap while brushing teeth and using a bowl of water to wash fruit and veggies can save you a few litres here but over time will add up to hundred of litres and money in your pocket.

Water is an expensive resource and something that all residents should pay careful attention to. If you have any questions regarding your water usage bill, please feel free to contact our office.

6 Union Street, Toowoomba City | Phone 07 4642 0007

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