5 Tips to Pass Your House Inspection

5 Tips to Pass Your House Inspection

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Property Inspections can be a daunting experience, but it is important to remember that agents must complete inspections as part of their obligations to the owners. 


Often this is not a pass or fail test but an overview of the property, what maintenance is required, what items should be considered for replacement or renovation and if you are meeting your obligations as per the tenancy agreement.




The tenants obligations formally state-

Essential Terms and Conditions of General Tenancy Agreement As per Part 2 – STANDARD TERMS – Section 26 – Tenant’s obligations Section 188 (2) and (3) ** The Tenant must keep the premises clean, having regard to their condition at the start of the tenancy. ** The Tenant must not maliciously damage, or allow someone else to maliciously damage, the premises.

This being said the agents are checking to ensure you are mowing the lawns regularly and taking care of the property.  

Often regular cleaning can help stop the 24 hour inspection rush that many tenants do.

These areas are the most common issues found at inspections.

Mould build up – Regularly cleaning the showers and any spots on walls and ceiling will prevent a large clean up for the inspection. You do need to tell your property manager if the mould is around a water mark (such as on the ceiling) as this could indicate a water leak.

Lawns not mowed – Mow the lawn regularly to keep the lawns green and lush. Leaving long grass then mowing can kill the underside of the grass making it unsightly and often killing the lawn. Weeding and minor shrub trimming will also keep the exterior looking well loved.

Appliances in poor condition – A clean of the filters in the air con and rangehoods as well as a quick wipe out of the oven will prove to the agents that you are very house proud and looking after the property well. A regular clean of the air con unit may help it run more economically, which may reduce your electricity bills.

Smoke Alarms missing – Many tenants will remove a smoke alarm because it needs new batteries or it went off recently. Removing a smoke alarm is a breach of the tenancy and agents can take action by contracting a smoke alarm tradesman to replace. His would be at the tenants expense. Don’t remove smoke alarms unless you are changing the batteries.

Damage – Accidents do happen and property managers will understand if there is accidental damage. It is never a good idea to cover up or try to hide any damage that has occurred. While the agents will most likely insist the damage be repaired within 7 days, they can also assist you with preferred tradesman at a lower cost or approach the owner if it can be claimed on insurance.

An inspection is also the time to show how great you are as a tenant. Clearing benches and making beds is not a requirement, but will make the property look great. Often agents are required to report back to owner via photos so if the property is well presented and neat, you will look like the tenant of the year! 

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