5 Ways to Get a Quick Bond Refund!

5 Ways to get a quick bond refund! 

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Don’t clean the property yourself 

This can often be difficult and sometimes costly. But there are many cleaners that will do parts of the cleaning or you can do most of it and ask them to come through and “detail” the property to ensure it is cleaned to the agents high standards.

If you do choose to clean it yourself, allow another free day or two to go back and attend to anything the agents pick up.

Use the agents’ cleaners and tradespeople

Often tenants overlook this and use a cheap cleaner or someone with coupons.

“You get what you pay for” is always true in these instances, and while they may guarantee the work, and go back if there is something that they missed, this can often take 3-5 days to complete, and your agent will not release the Bond until it is finalised.

Make sure to book cleaners early to ensure it is completed by the vacate date.

Contact the agent before vacate

Any small dents, scratches or marks that you are unsure of whether to fix or not – ask the agents before the vacate. They will pick it up afterwards anyway and it may take some time to arrange the repairs so beforehand is the better option.

Check your entry pack and return ALL keys

If you received keys at the start, make sure you track down all of the keys to return. Many bonds are held up over lost keys. Room mates may leave, locks replaced etc, keys left in doors,  – make sure you have all of the original keys or cut the missing ones.

Check and replace all batteries in the garage remotes and the air con remotes too, your agents will check them. Having to come back and put in batteries will cost you time.

Complete the paperwork

Just as it is at the start of a tenancy, there is a substantial amount of paperwork at the end of the tenancy. However, this is your responsibility to provide to the agent.

An Exit Condition report complete with water meter reading, all receipts for the cleaning, carpets, fleas and lawn mowing. Any invoices from repair work completed etc all need to be given to the agent on or before the vacate date.

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