An Idea to Help You Recruit Staff!

An Idea to Help You Recruit Staff!


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Finding it hard to recruit employees?

Have you considered providing accommodation for your new staff as an incentive to make your business stand out from all of the others?



With many businesses booming post Covid, there are more and more job opportunities available in our lovely city. But … there are very few rental properties available for new Toowoomba residents. Which means people are less likely to want to move to Toowoomba for work.

With this in mind, some employers are offering housing solutions to prospective employees as an incentive to move to Toowoomba.

So how does it work?

Generally, the company will take out a standard residential lease in the company name. The Director will need to sign all lease documents. Then the company can choose the resident to live in the property, the property managers will just need the identification of the actual residents and the contact numbers for emergencies but the lease will stay in the company name.

After a certain period of time, which can be discussed with your property manager, the lease can be transitioned into the employee’s name so that they can earn the tenancy history, or of course they can choose to vacate the property and move to another property or even purchase a property.

The flexibility of having a rental property can be short or long term but it may alleviate some of the stress of moving to a new town and then having to find a rental property. In this market, we are seeing 30 application or more for a property and many people are being disappointed.  There are families staying in motels as they have started a new job here in Toowoomba but are yet to secure a property to rent.

As an employer, offering this type of incentive may attract quality employees.

If you are interested in this type of tenancy, feel free to reach out to us at Blackbird and Finch for more information.

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