Going Potty!

Going Potty!



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How can you have a garden in a rental property?


Renting a property without any gardens can be hard for the green thumb tenant however there can often be ways to still have your garden and enjoy Spring.




Even if you are not a green thumb, having flowers, herbs and veggies can not only help your pockets but also make the property look like a home. Enjoying your private space is an important part of your own mental health and wellbeing. The below tips are designed for tenants who can’t access a garden or those who are unable to utilise any gardens already at the premises.


Always check with your Property Manager if you can place plants or particularly take out any plants in the gardens. You don’t know if the owner had planted that plant in memorial of a family member, or if there is another attachment to a plant. The safest option is to use pots to design your ideal garden.

If you are placing pots on a verandah or patio, remember to use saucers and not to overfill if possible. Pots can also mark the tiles and wood and you may be asked to repair the damages if they stain.


Here are our top 4 tips to make your house a home with pots!

    1. Plant to the season – September is great to start potting out herbs and some veggies like tomatoes, chilli’s and capsicums. These are all great for colour as well
    1. Colour it up – go for some bright colourful flowers such as sunflowers or marigolds. These are generally easy to manage flowers as well. You can also use mulch in different colours to add something different
    1. Go potty – pick colourful pots for some life and colour, but if that’s not your thing, get pots of different sizes and then group them together or get different pots like tea pots or bowls
    1. Get some height – If you want to create a barrier, planting cordylines or snake plants will give your area some height or use them as a backdrop for smaller plants


Often gardens and plants can make a house a home and the major benefit is that using pots can mean that you can take them with you should you need to vacate the property in the future.



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