The Cost of Moving

The Cost of Moving


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Moving is super stressful and changing rental properties from one to another can be one of the biggest issues for tenants.  However, sometimes you may not have a choice to move. Perhaps the end of the lease is up and agents/owners have asked you to move. Perhaps the property has sold or the owner is moving in. Regardless, sometimes changing rental properties is out of your hands.

On occasions,  tenants may think that they need to or want to move.

Considering changing properties needs to be based on several factors that suit your family situation. You may need to move to be closer to a school or in a school catchment for kids. You may need to downsize as financially the property is too expensive for you, or you may need to move to a larger home as your family is growing.



Your obligations regarding cleaning your rental property are more than the standard clean during routine inspections. A full detailed clean is generally needed  – to the standard of the Entry Condition Report. This cost is currently $400 – $600 for a small home and $800 – $1200 for larger homes depending on the size and amount to be cleaned. Cleaners generally work at $60 per hour. Carpet cleaning is another cleaning expense depending on whether this was done professionally at the start of your tenancy. These costs can also be expensive depending on the size of the home.


If you are an organised mover, you would already be starting to collect boxes from different outlets, family and friends. Don’t forget to allow for packaging costs though- tape, bubble wraps and additional storage can all add up to costing more than you think. If additional storage at a storage facility is required between tenancies, this would also be another cost.


A cheaper option for moving is to call all family and friends with utes and trailers to help with moving on the day. Generally, this is the cost of a carton of beer or two and lunch for all who help out on the day. If you aren’t lucky enough to have help, then removalists would be required.

Connections of utilities

While you still pay utilities whether you are in the same property or not, you generally will have a change over of at least a few days where there is double rent and double utilities.  This is also a cost to you in time having to disconnect and reconnect each company and advise new suppliers of your address. Changing mail directions and driver’s licence is something that would need to be done as well.

Unexpected costs

During years of conducting vacate inspections, I have noted that even the most conscientious tenant will likely damage a property during the moving process.  Moving tables, couches, chairs fridges into and out of a property can mark, chip and damage walls and floors. These would be considered as accidental damage and would be expected to be repaired by the agents. Other unexpected costs might depend on your new property. If there is limited storage, you may need to buy more cupboards, if the lounge is larger or smaller you may need to change lounges or purchase more furniture. Make sure to check the fridge size as well – many tenants sign a lease without checking to see if their fridge will actually fit, which means having to buy a smaller fridge.

Bond and rent

Gone are the days of using a Bond Transfer. Strict laws and timeframes have made that practice obsolete.  When changing rental properties, you will need to come up with another Bond and at least 2 weeks rent before you move in.

As previously noted there is most likely a period of holding both properties while you move, so effectively this is double rent.


Deciding on whether you need to move or whether you want to move might actually save you quite a lot of money.


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