The Benefits of Soft Washing

An insight into what is external house soft washing

Soft Washing



Soft washing is a process in which a combination of non-abrasive, low-pressure water jet and biodegradable chemicals are used. It will help you have a cleaner house or building, while giving you longevity in house and building finishes and reduces bacteria and germs in the environment.

Soft wash will help you say goodbye to unsightly and harmful algae, mildew, and mould with ease. It can even clean off persistent stains, discolouration and dirt.



Benefits of Soft Washing and why it’s right for you:

    • Soft Washing won’t damage wood or siding during exterior cleaning. Also, it won’t leave unwanted marks on brick, stone or concrete.
    • Most importantly, soft washing treats and removes algae, mildew and mould by neutralising and trapping organic matter instead of using high pressure. This process sterilises and removes bacteria to keep properties cleaner and bacteria free for longer.

What are the major benefits of getting a soft wash for house washing and building cleaning?

    • Soft washing can reinvigorate Your Curb Appeal.

Rough weather quickly makes any house or building look shabby. Grime and dirt will start to collect, and the organic matter will take over your home’s exterior. Eventually, your house will start getting stains, discolouration, streaks, and blotches. Getting soft wash services for your house cleaning is a must to boost your curb appeal. It can have a dramatic increase to the house’s value as well.

    • Improved health of your house members

We are well aware breathing in mould is highly harmful for our health. However, the mould and mildew bacteria growing on a home’s exterior will soon reach your interior. This can lead to allergic reactions and respiratory issues for your family. The moment you see mould growing on your home’s exterior is the moment you should start cleaning it off.

You can easily ensure a healthy environment for your family with soft cleaning services.

    • Soft washing will deter pests.

Added benefits of soft washing, is removal of unwanted pests trying to occupy your home. Cockroaches, rodents, and various other pests will be less likely to get inside your house if its exterior is hygienic and free of bacteria or germs. Cleaner surfaces are more effective in holding Pest control treatments improving longevity in pest control treatments.

    • Saves money

A dirty dark house exterior isn’t only an eyesore, it can even cause the electric bills to skyrocket – particularly during warmer months. A dirty and darker house attracts more sun radiation, adding plenty of heat to your house. This means more hours of AC cooling to maintain a cool inside temperature, not to mention maintenance on your AC systems.

    • Prevents costly repairs

Grime and dirt on the exterior surfaces and siding of your home don’t only give it a bad look but can be destructive as well. These can damage building material types on the exterior of a house. Over time spores and root systems of organic matter can lead to small holes in your timber, vinyl or even brick walls. Letting moisture seep in and start to damage the foundations of the property.

Indicators you need a house wash

Below are the most obvious signs you’re well overdue for a house wash.

    1. Mould on exterior walls, eaves or gutters

Mould is usually black or green in colour, occurring in various forms. It happens due to our humid climate and dampness, being generally predominant on the southern side of the house. It also often arises where trees and bushes shade or hug the house exterior.

    1. Dark external walls via pollution from busy roads

Dirt, mould, dust and grime accumulates on the walls of your home and discolours them, especially if you are located on or near a busy traffic road. This grime looks even worse if your house is a light colour, as many are in Queensland.

House washing can be done at any time of the year and will undoubtedly add value to your home. Boost’s curb appeal and building presentation without costing you a tonne of money. We highly recommend a soft wash pre-renting or selling to achieve the best possible price.

How often should you get your house soft washed? A general rule of thumb is soft washing should be done as an annual preventative maintenance.

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